Document all-round scanner

The next generation in document scanning with advanced image processing.  

Automatic cropping   

Just take the picture.  visScan automatically detects border and crop the scan.

 Full Resolution

visScan is always processing with the highest resolution of your smartphone

camera for clean readable characters. Up to 20 Megapixel were tested.

 Removes shading

Extreme document scan with flash on

visScan document filter output:

For students & scholars 

Scan the blackboard.

Clean the board with the visScan blackboard filter.

Brings back the colo

Scan beamer and other projector images.

Gain color back with the visScan beamer filter.

For each medium the right FILTER       

 Precise adjusting

Adjust coloring, brightness & contrast with floating panels.

Create PDF files

Create multipage PDF files from scans and other images.

Export to cloud services

Simple upload to your host service.

visart quality seal


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